MISFITS - Art Director- Tania Gonzalez, Photographer-Cat reyes, Stylist - Christopher Robles

This was a collaborative joint effort between me and a creative partner who was the art director and lead designer for her senior thesis for the own line MISFITS by Tania Gonzalez. I aided in Creating a style that spoke to her vision and the target demographic that she was gearing towards.


AIGA College of Dupage- Art Director-Christopher Robles, Videographer- Christian Moreno

For this project I decided to push pass the general posters that we had in the school and really push the team to create a video. I took lead and created the talking content that allowed the interviews to talk about the outreach of AIGA and how grow the community of our designers beyond school. I directed the pacing of the video with the collaboration of the videographer Christian Moreno. We hosted this at cod were we held artist talks, workshops, and creative field trips to top agencies.



The chemistry is built when both artist see a vision that guides the audience through visual & auditorial . As a designer I pick the brains of the musician about what their process. Upon their notes I design the visual feelings and build that relationship with the artist and our work together.