Art direction and Campaigns

Imperfect Fest

For this project the objective was to create awareness through multiple platforms that would lead to the big event and the companies website that would drive sales. I chose Imperfect Produce a growing stable company that sells deformed produce at half the cost but has all the values just not fitting industry standards. My push and concept was “handpicked to be different”. Different and playing off that word being the highlight as our culture and social shifts towards understanding and being excited for change. I created an event like imperfect fest to create the community that imperfect is creating right now. I also handpicked artist like Pharrell Williams, Donald Glover, and Shia La Beouf that represent change. But also created the aesthetic of gradients and a hippy vibe that would connect with the audience of Gen-Z and Millennials that go across platforms of guerrilla ads, outdoor activations, and social media and interactive engagement with the imperfect van that Shia would travel in visiting farmers and podcasting the road trip and creating a documentary for the festival. Also created commercials that hit the heart and emotions with artist like Carole King song beautiful & Pharrell beautiful celebrating different Beautiful vegetables. Video production and design all created by me.

Mock up of after effects and a “imperfect fest Coverage”

Beautiful commercial


Wingstop “Badge of Honor”

This March, I was able to participate and compete in The One Club Creative Boot Camp in Chicago sponsored by Leo Burnett. The client was Wingstop and the main goal was to increase consideration of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) in college students. My team (Team Infinity) created the "Nothing Between You" campaign and placed 4th out of 12 in this year's competition. Today's college students are all considered "Gen Z." Some key insights on this age group that they want to co-create culture,They respond to edgier campaigns,They prefer cool products over cool experiences, They are one of the busiest generations and consume the most media. Our goal with this campaign is for college students and Gen Z to identify their own hustle and lifestyle within Wingstop's branding. We chose as a group to hit social media and the college lifestyle like watching hulu, going on twitter, Instagram & and how their hustle can fuel hunger so why not order wingstop and get some sauceguard ! We created a wingstop product that curated to their lifestyle and their hustle as students. which gave us our big idea of nothing comes in between you and your flavors. We followed that with social media and the consumers that would create a buzz on what they wanted us to sauce guard next !

Dear Elmhurst

Objective : Research and create awareness for them and their exhibit’s & to increase their attendance with your campaign designs, slogan, and advertising branding concepts as well as to research the cultural institution audience, & attraction with a well thought out campaign featuring posters, magazine editorial ads, and an institution guest handout.

The style proposed aimed towards art enthusiast with a “post modern” approach and also the immersion that you partake. Along with typographical hierarchy. The handout piece is an example of a post modern take with matte paper, and transparent paper, with a accordion fold that includes a marker to encourage note taking or having fun with your stay. Throughout each element my design direction worked to cohesively make the campaign work. It brings you to that answer of what you’ll see when you get there. That also applies to the slogan created Dear Elmhurst, as the headliner but can be interchangeable with question or facts. Who is.? You Taught me…



The following objective for this case study is to create a campaign for a beneficial fruit and study market strategy of hot spots for consumers that they pass. On designing this campaign the given task was to focus on increasing sales of the product. With the slogan I approached a community aspect that can grow from an Individual standpoint to a communal one with the play of movement words such as I, YOU, WE.

The hands merges the slick facade of design with unexpected phrases in order to catch the viewer's attention using the language of contemporary publications, and graphic design. Rather than attempting to sell a product, It works aim to sell an idea to the viewer that is meant to instigate a reconsideration of one's immediate context with this objective to build awareness and community for this next “big superfruit”. increase sales traffic for the client as well



Pseudo is a 40-page magazine about Street culture. The entire magazine was put together and designed by myself. I did not write the articles or interviews and I did not take any photos for this magazine. This has been one of my personal projects to date, providing me with valuable experience in publication.


Movember moves

For a celebrated monthly movement for November in Chicago we were given the task to come up with a movember ad for 21+ out of college demographic audience that would be used around the city bus stops and Chicago magazine ads. The objective was to help promotes mens health mental awareness and other health issues . We wanted to promote awareness of the donation when you purchase a mug and seo drives to their facebook page as well. We researched how quick the consumer will see the advertisement and how we can get the message across quickly during that window.

For the design I went with grid type design that viewers going from left to right and top to bottom (1.) you will see the context (2.)an image such as the boat and the filling half the cup. That leads to the mugs & mustache and so forth with the location and info. For the copy writing I wanted something quick like a lyric so I went with “show the mo…drink some mo” where they remember it during there catch-up with there friends or want something to drink and it will remind them of the ad that they say on the way to work !