Dedicated multidisciplinary designer currently a senior majoring in Art direction at Columbia, I am interested in working with a creative team or to be put on a team with passionate creatives like me. A degree in graphic design that taught me a fundamental infrastructure of layout design, illustration, typography and other design skills. My work experience dabbles in styling, visual merchandising, and working with artist and local business to promote and communicate their brand. Comfortable in team environments and highly self-motivated. Structured and driven by the timely execution of projects. Efficient with acute attention to detail, and conceptualizing.


Why Me

I am adaptable in any environment that I am placed as I can get along with anybody from talking to the designers to conceptualizing with the creative director. Most people would describe me saying I'm outstandin' so I stand out.

My work history gave me the work ethic today from sales rep to even bartending, and as a creative Its my duty to understand clients and communicate it to the purest form through direction and design.

With a background in basketball as a combo guard creating opportunities for teammates and taking a shot when needed I am able to apply that on team of creatives. I know when to push the pace and when to be assertive and take the shot. Last but least I am coachable I can take constructive criticism and fix what need to be solved for the client.


Hire Me

I’ve failed more times than they’ve tried… I am 28 and fail hard at things I care about, during those fails I progressed as a person and as a creative. My work gets better every time I get up after a door closes. I aspire to communicate to others that it’s never too late just work smart and work hard, I’ll wake up early and I’ll stay up till the work is done. I create and I bring ideas from a unique perspective of diversity in my life.


Chrome Depot(chicago)
Brain on Beer
Moreno Films
Compass Chicago (non-profit)
+ more